Global App Initiative @ Boston University
Students making apps, to service the world

Who We Are

Diverse Community

Students’ majors range from Neuroscience to Graphic Design, and much more! There is also great diversity with our 17 Nonprofit Organizations’ causes including education, healthcare, and homelessness.

Avid Learners

Each week, students have the opportunity to attend open hours, weekly lectures, and team meetings where they pick up new skills!

Future Leaders

With over 50 student leadership positions available within GAI, students have the opportunity to guide their peers to succeed.

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Our Experience

To develop a mobile app for a nonprofit, a student will learn how to analyze a company’s needs, generate innovative ideas with a team, develop a wireframe/storyboard design, establish two-way communication with clients, and finally program a mobile app using object-oriented programming techniques. This experience rapidly matures everyone who is involved and teaches you a very unique set of skills that is otherwise difficult to obtain during the academic year.

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4 finished projects
300+ students
17 nonprofits